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  ،   Friday Prayer Held on Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque
In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful
On Friday 12th July 2019, Friday prayer held in Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque.
The brief of the two sermons are as following:

First sermon:

In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful


Congratulating birthday of Ali ibn Mousa Al Redha (a.s.) and “Keramat” week. Good for those visitors of his holy shrine.

There are plenty of narrations of Imam Redha (a.s.) in which he has pointed to result of sins in society. We will discuss some of them as following:

1st and 2nd: No response to prayers from Allah side and overcoming bad guys taking power against you

He is pointing to suggest the virtue and to denounce evil(امر بالمعروف و نهی عن المنکر   ) otherwise you will be affected by its results which are “No response to prayers from Allah side and overcoming bad guys taking power against you”.

Practicing sins and acceptance of prayers are tightly related to each other’s. Once sins increase resulting that the prayers cannot raise up even requests of faithful people will be rejected!

Worse than the first, the bad guys will be in power and you will suffer of living in that environment.

Imam (a.s.) guiding us to the solution which is sticking to Islamic pillar of “suggest the virtue and to denounce evil”. Unfortunately, few people are performing that and that’s why we are suffering from the results in our society now a days.

It is important to notice that “suggest the virtue and to denounce evil” shouldn’t be in a dispute way and it should be in a soft language and talk in a kind manner.

3rd: Descent of new scourges

Imam (a.s.) in his other narration said, “once people performing sins which were not doing before, Allah will put them in unknown scourges”.

Right now, there are people which are affected with rare and unknown diseases and illness which human is unable to cure them and they should suffer till die.

4th: Small sins are bed of the big ones

This is the most important one. The one who is not afraid of exercising the small sins in front of God, he has no fear on big sins as well.

 Guilty people will be degraded and has no face in front of Allah and Ahlulbait (a.s.). on the other side, keeping yourself and repent will bring you reputation and credit before them.

Second sermon:


One of the best ways to stop the sins is to understand the ways that Satan attacks us. So, we will be taking proper guard against his tricks.

We will point to four methods that Satan is using to trap us.

A: Exchanging the bad and good in our eyes which apparently is committed by kind of tricks.

He decorates the sin and shows us a nice act and pushes us for justifying it.

B: Threaten and insecurity

The second way that he is affecting our mind and decision is making us uncertainty on performing the good things and induct us inability to withstand against the sins. His main motto is “we are not able to do”.

Apparently, there is no closed end for a faithful man!

C: Do it later, still you have time, tomorrow!

Once we are deciding to do a good thing, he will start to tell you that you can do it later, still you have time. This will end up us with missing opportunities. That’s why the scholar’s emphasis to speed up the repent and never hesitate to do it immediately.

D: disappointing of Allah’s forgiveness

This is the biggest mistake that Satan put us on that. Once our guilt raises up, he will induce us frustration and disappointment of Allah’s graces and forgiveness.

Allah in his Quran, several times has called sinful people to repent and go back to him, but Satan disappointing us and avoiding us to hear that invitation.



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