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Fajr decade celebration report   ،   Fajr decade and national day of 22nd of Bahman (11th Feb 2014) celebration report
In the name of Allah
The Fajr decade, Islamic revolution victory day celebration ,Imam Hassan Askari(a.s)’s birth day and  tribute of Fatima al-Masouma (s.a) was held for five nights in Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque.
These glorious events started by announcement from Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque and last for five nights. Iranians and other ahl-al-bait lovers from other nationalities were attending in the mosque and tribute the memory of the public national Islamic uprising as per leadership of Imam Khomeini (r.h).
The ceremony started by reading poetries on eulogy of Imam Mahdi (aj.) on birth eve of Imam Hassan Askari (a.s) followed by speech of hojat-al-Islam Vafaei.
On the other night, pass away eve of Masooma (s.a), Ayatollah Madani had his speech. On remaining nights audience were using the speech of Ayatollah Qomi, the vice international affairs of supreme leader’s office who was traveling Dubai. The ceremonies were ending by eulogies of the ahl-al-bait eulogist.
Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque tributes all the national and Islamic events by holding proper ceremonies, speech and variety of programs. Also there were photo and books gallery of Fajr decade and Islamic revolution’s achievements which was welcomed by the lovers of Islamic republic of Iran.
At the end of each ceremony, the attendees were served dinner on Imam Hussein (a.s)’s grace table.
Photo Gallery of Fajr decade’s ceremonies
Imam Hussein (a.s) ‘s Mosque – Dubai
11th Feb 2014  

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