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The Big Get together of   ،   Husseini's Infants
On first week of Muharram 1435 Hijri, along with 2700 points in Iran and entire world, the great ceremony of "Hussini's Infants" held in Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque. That was the 11th ceremony of this type and held on Friday, 4th Muharram 1435 Hijri.
Thousand of mums put the unique uniforms on their infants, hug them and brought to the ceremony to participate on mourning ceremony of Ali Asghar (a.s)'s mum, Lady Robab (s).
This ceremony held to memorize the youngest Shahid of Karbala as an evidence of Imam Hussein (a.s)'s innocence. The green covered infants with headbands written of "Ya Sahib Al Zaman" doubled the mourning sense of the ceremony and re-new the martyrdom of youngest Shahid of Karbala.
The invited preach, Hojat Al-Islam Ghazali, started the speech and talked about Family. Then the Ahl-Al-Bait panegyrist, Haj Ahmad Nikbakhtian had his sad poems on Karbala Tragedy by reciting the word "Ya Ali Asghar of Hussein (a.s)".
Mother were holding infants on their arms and reciting the word "Labbeik Ya Sahib Al Zaman" and mourning.
At the end of the ceremony, while mourning and crying "Ya Hussein" escort the cradle of Ali Asghar (a.s).
Hereafter Aba Abdillah (a.s) and Zeinab (s) are not alone. Crowd of parents here in Dubai get together to follow the say of "بنفسی انت و اهلی و مالی" and ready to grant their child on this way for Imam Hussein (a.s). Here every one has an Ali Asghar (a.s)and want to shout if the triple arrow of Harmala, imparted the neck of Ali Asgharv (a.s) , now and after 1400 years millions of Ali Asghar (a.s)'s followers are following Ashoora's way.   
Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque – Dubai
Muharram 1435

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