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3rd Qur’an recites and memorizes competition in Iranian Club started   ،   by speech of supreme leader’s representative.
In the name of Allah,
The opening ceremony of 3rd Qur’an recites and memorizes competition started on 14th of Ramadhan and continued for three nights in Iranian club amphitheater while Ayatollah seyyed Mahmoud Madani the representative of the supreme leader in UAE, Dr. Fayyaz the Ambassador of Iran in UAE, Seyyed Mohammad Hussein Hashemi, Cultural consoler of the Iranian Embassy and too many number of cultural, scientific and religious persons and families were attending.

In this yearly competition which is running on its third turn, as per Mr. Hashemi’s figures more than 120 Iranian competitors in 3 different levels of Kids, teenagers and elders in two different sections of girls and boys were attending and compete under judgment of three top Reciters and memorizers of Qur’an in Iran, Mr. Javadi, Zarnegar and Abbassi.

The opening ceremony started by pleasant recites of Mr. Javadi top reciter of Iran which was pleased by audiences and it followed by choir play of “Tawashih” which took the attention as well.

The ceremony continued by words of Ayatollah Madani the representative of supreme leader in UAE which thanked the organizers of the competition and emphasized the need of continuation of such programs. He completed his word by bringing a lesson from the narrated Hadith which says” if someone recites verses of Qur’an in month of Ramadhan, his parents even if they are not Muslim, will gain of his recite”.

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