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Report of mourning ceremony for ladies   ،  
In the name of Allah the compassionate the merciful
Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque was the place for the crowd of people to attend in the mourning ceremonies for Hazrate Zahra (s.a) during the second decade of martyrdom anniversary of the Fatima (s.a).
Also on eve of the martyrdom anniversary (3rd of Jamad Al-thani), Sunday 14th April, there were specific ceremony for ladies in hall of the Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque. In that spiritual ceremony crowd of ladies attended and after prayers and supplications the Ziarat of Hazrat Zahra (s.a) recited. Then Hojat al Islam Dr. Rafiei had his speech.
Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque is the organizer of the all religious events and martyrdom anniversary of Imams (a.s) and put his best on these ceremonies.

Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque – Dubai

14th April 2013 – 3rd Jamad al Thani


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