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Birth Anniversary of Zeinab (s.a) and Nurse Day   ،   Birth anniversary celebrating ceremony of Zeinab (s.a) held in Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque.
Happy birth Anniversary of Zenab(s.a) and Nurse day
The celebration ceremony of benedict birth anniversary of Zeinab Kobra (s.a) held on 16th March 2013 after maqrib & Isha prayer in Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque.
In that spiritual ceremony, the ahl-al-bayt panegyrist played his poems on eulogy of proud of Banihashem (Zeinab (s.a))
Then Hojat-al-Islam Hashem Zeie had his speech and magnified Zeinab (s.a)'s virtues and hospitality on Karbala event.
In that spiritual meeting the Nursing cherished and appreciated the efforts of this served and educated people and the Nurse Day congratulated.
In Nurse Day Hojat-al-Islam Hashem Zeie attended in Iranian Hospital among Nurses and had his speech and respect the Nurse Day.
Photo Gallery of the Nurse Day
Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque - Dubai

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