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  ،   Mourning tent for Imam Hussein (a.s) on Tassoa by Qur'an and Itrat School
In the Name of Allah the most beneficent the most merciful

"Peace be upon Abi Abdallah (a.s) and the souls accompanied him"
As the Saturdays are the time for the Qura'n & Itrat classes, and on 24th November it was Tasooa (ninth of Muharram) so all the training classes closed and the students went to the higher floor of the mosque to perform their mourning ceremonies for Imam Hussein (a.s). Hojat Al-Islam Isfahani, moderate the programs and had his speech on explaining the different dimensions of the movement of Imam Hussein (a.s).
The list of the programs of Tassoa day for Qura'n & Itrat students were as following:

  1. Narrating on the screen for Muharram including the following titles:
  1. The goals of Imam Hussein (a.s) movement
  2. The nice face of the movement
  3. The messages of the Ashoora
  4. The accompanies of Imam Hussein (a.s) during the Karbala Battle
  1. Symphony of Ashoora epic poets by the students
  2. Weeping and mourning
On continuation, there were scientific and religious subject's competition and winners got their gifts. The students then joined the other mourning people in min hall of the mosque and listened to the speech of Ayatollah Madani for Tassoa ceremony.
Needed to note that the Qur'an & Itrat School of the mosque planned for Saturday classes on Qur'an and other subjects like computer, painting, calligraphy, handicrafts and various camping's and serving the lunch are among those activities. The students of this school attending in congressional prayer of Dhuhe and Asr. The last class of every Saturday is the Morals and Islamic sentences which are performing by Ayatollah Madani. The school has the transport service and students will be served lunch.

Qur'an & Itrat school of Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque

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