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  ،   Report of Imam Hussein (a.s) mourning ceremonies in Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque
In the name of Allah the most beneficent the most merciful
Report of Imam Hussein (a.s) mourning ceremonies in Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque
"Peace be upon Aba-Abdillah (a.s)"
"Imam Hussein (a.s) is the light of guidance and rescue ship"


On the occasion of arrival of month of Muharram, the month of movement and uprising of Imam Hussein (a.s) there were "Ziarat of Ashoora" and mourning ceremonies to commemorate the leader of martyrs of Karbala and his loyal accompanies on first decade of Muharram by attendance of resident Iranians and Shia Muslims.
 Speech of every nightFrom the first night of Muharram, after Maqrib & Isha congressional prayer, there were Quran recites and the ceremonies were start. First the preacher, Hojat-al-Islam Davoodi Nejad __having his speech on uprising the children and after that panegyrist Mr. Maleki, __having his panegyric words while people attending in Mourning and then the prayer and at last everybody was hosted by munificence table of Imam Hussein (a.s).  

Morning speech followed by Morning prayerThe faithful prayers, were attending the morning congressional prayer, and then reciting the "Ziarat of Ashoora" by moderation and panegyrics of Mr. Khalili. On first five days, the preacher was Hojat-al-Islam Ghazali which __having his speech and the next five days was done by supreme leader's representative Ayatollah Madani.

Ladies Mourning ceremonyThe respectful sisters __having their special ceremonies one and half hour prior to Maqrib's Adhan. On first five days Hojat-al-Islam Ghazali and the next five days Hojat-al-Islam Isfahani __having their speech and then the "Ziarat of Ashoora" were recited by the sisters themselves. The mourning ceremonies were extended till prayer time.

Children and teenagers mourning ceremoniesEvery night along the mourning ceremonies in Mosque's main hall, there was a special ceremony for kids and teenagers inside the kindergarten attending the active and energetic kids and teenagers and would continue till end of the main ceremony in Mosque. Every night Hojat-al-Islam Isfahani was performing attractive and useful programs to make the audience familiar with Imam Hussein (a.s)'s uprising and morals.

"Rahrowan Husseini (Imam Hussein (a.s) followers)" flierThere were too much attempt to inform and make every one aware of the happenings of Imam Hussein (a.s)'s movement among the friends, and one of these attempts was the issuing a flier for every night of Muharram. The fliers were edited by Hojat-al-Islam Isfahani and published by the activist of the mosque among the attendances of the mosque to review and after the speech of the night they could participate in competition by sending the answers through SMS and there were five winners every night.

Tasooa and Ashoora mourning ceremoniesOn Tasooa and Ashoora (ninth and tenth of Muharram) there was a special ceremony by attendance of crowd of lovers of Imam Hussein (a.s). The program of these two days was start from 10a.m. by reciting "Ziarat of Ashoora". Then the supreme leader's representative Ayatollah MAdani, had his speech on the movement of Imam Hussein (a.s) and suggest to be follower of his accompaniers. His speech and monody made everyone to cry and be sad of the happenings of these days for Imam Hussein and his family and accompaniers. Then attendances welcomed the Adhan and performed the congressional Dhuhr prayer in a very glorious state. After prayer, the ahl-al-bait panegyrist had his monodies and the lovers of Imam Hussein (a.s) demonstrate their sincerity by their deep mourning.
We wish the acceptance of all the prayers and mourning and support of our Master Imam Hussein (a.s) for all the faithful lovers of Ahl-Al-Bait (a.s).
Our regards to Ahl-Al-Bait of Prophet (P.B.U.H)
The Photo Gallery of the ceremonies

Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque - Dubai  


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