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Teacher-Parents Meeting   ،   Salman Farsi School
Supreme leader's representative attended in parents-teachers meeting of Salman Farsi School.

In the name of Allah
The teachers-parents meeting in Salman Farsi School held by speech of supreme leader's representative, Ayatollah Madani.
He mentioned on his speech that our most important assets are our children and we should put our effort for their upbringing. He added that for their complete growth and upbringing we need to pay attention to three main subjects:
1-Body health and growth
2-Mental health and growth
3-Spritual health and growth
He continued that for the mental health we should note to:
1-Block the tensions from outside of family to come inside
2-Expose the family arguments in front of the children
3-Fulfill the children of our love and interest
Ayatollah Madani explained that to keep the children's spiritual health we should:
1-Answer their doubts to empower their believes
2-Respect to religious orders and held the prayer and other religious ceremonies in family and practically teaches them these important subjects
3-Connect them to mosques and cultural centers for their spiritual insurance.
Finally he mentioned that Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque with all of the facilities like library, Qur'an & Itrat School and cultural competitions is ready to serve your children. Then he appreciated the principal, all the teachers and education staff.
After his speech, Mr. Golchin supervisor of Iranian Schools in UAE had his speech.
Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque - Dubai


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