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Fire in Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque   ،   Detail report of Fire in Mosque
While the mosque was issuing the announcements to invite to participate in last days of celebration for the “Grace decade” and the Birth Anniversary of Ali-Ibn-Al Mousa Al-Redha (a.s) the fire in control and media center made loss to most of the equipment and thick smoke pollution of the Mosque’s inside area.

The detail report of the fire

This horrible fire happened on Sunday 23rd Sep, 2012 between hours 23:00-23:30.
The thick smoke of fire lined entire walls and ceiling of the interior of the mosque and smeared the carpets and chandeliers tiles and all the furniture inside and first estimation extracted the following actions to be taken:
1. Wash off all the mosque’s carpets and rugs
2. Purchasing the Amplifiers for voice system
3. Purchase of Video recording and playing system
4. Painting the entire interior surfaces of the Mosque after cleaning all the fire smoke dirt.
5. Renewal the electrical circuits and re-wiring
6. Renovation of the media control room
All the electronic devices, amplifiers, monitoring controls, laptops and even two thick wooden doors of control room burnt but fortunately by Allah’s grace, the fire controlled and prevented to reach to main hall of the mosque.
The presence of some faithful people , mosque’s staff, the management, the vise manager and all the service staff of Iranian Hospital in field and kind co-operation of all made the per-cleaning possible and one hall of the mosque ready for held the congressional prayer so that the Dhuhr Adhan recited and the Dhuhr and Asr Prayer held on its normal manner.
After legal formalities and attendance of related official people and preparation of report, the operations for preparation of the mosque’s main hall and planning to repair the damages started and the topics of the actions are as following:

  1. In first step all the rugs and carpets sent to carpet cleaning company.
  2. Utilizing all the Mosque and hospital’s staff and volunteer people to clean up the walls, ceiling and furniture.
  3. Consultation to painting service companies and make them to start the painting
  4. The related companies for electrical services invited and this came to the first priority.
  5. Invited the media service company to re-install the voice system of the mosque
Need to note that all these repair and renovation process started while mosque was running other money consumer project that are listed down:

  1. Tiling the mosque’s grand Veranda.
  2. Make and installation of the marble shoe holding racks
  3. Renovation and re-wiring the electrical wires and optimizing the electrical network
Finally by 6:00 pm the next day of fire, the field cleaning finished to start the painting.
Certainly in coming days we will be looker on the re-attending the crowd of the faithful nation in mosque’s grand hall to participate in congressional and Friday prayers and happy and mourning ceremonies to make the mosque their rendezvous to show their feelings towards the immaculate Imams (a.s)
Despite the high cost of the operations but predicting that the field activities will finish by end of the week.
The Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque, Dubai

Photo Gallery of the Mosque after fire.  


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