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Interview   ،   The Supreme Leader's represantative in UAE told:
Holding the NON ALIGNED MOVMENT meeting in Tehran is the sign of stability and strength of Islamic Iran.

Holding the NON ALIGNED MOVMENT meeting in Tehran is the sign of stability and strength of Islamic Iran.
Hojat-al-Islam Madani talked to IRNA last Tuesday and added: considering explicit comments of the USA and some other countries in opposition of holding the NAM meeting, attendance of more than 100 countries in the meeting is an evidence of the truth of the leader’s speech that told Westerners failed to impose their ideas to the world’s nations.
He continued: The world considering IRAN as a country which confronts to the bullying by its ultimate power and strength.
Madani explicitly continued: The current situation of the World specially the Islamic world expresses very serious incidences of change of the world’s vision. It seems that the west expecting to be the sole winner of the international affairs but the current happenings and failure of the west to answer to the international problems has made another circumstance.
He told: holding the NAM meeting in Tehran in current circumstance and the innovative policy of Iran to say NO to both WEST & EAST is a very important event, and I hope it would be that much big to name it as renovation of the NAM.
Regarding the world’s expectation of the NAM, Madani told: the NAM formed at the time of dividing the world into two blocks which was the despair of the freedom seekers and the formation of the NAM enlightened the hope candle in their heart and created the idea that you can breathe even out of the West or East political campaign. 
He added: but now the play has changed and the military bases and defense treaties are not the only means of domination of the superpowers, so the expectation of NAM is to have a serious movement to play his apostolate role in keeping the Human and Nations Rights.
He explicitly told: today the super powers entered among the freedom seeker nations by means of Boycott, Economical Restriction, News Censorship, Chantage and abuse of mottos like “Human Rights”. So it is expected that the NAM to do his duty and oppose the excesses and to support the nations that willing to live independently based on their own culture.
He continued: Today the continuous attack of  NATO and the USA in Afghanistan, Iraq and some other regions, economical pressure and boycott on some countries and abuse of “Human Rights” weapon has made a ground that the real Non Aligned countries should confront these movements.
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