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Regular Programs of the Mosque   ،   Programs
 Friday Prayer
 Morning, Zohr, Asr, Maqrib and Isha prayer
 Speech, Festive & Mourning Ceremony in religious occasions
 Komeil, Nodbeh, Tavassol invocations
 Reciting a page of Quran every night
 Interpretation "Surat al Hood" after Friday Isha Prayer
 Interpretation 30th Chapter of Quran for ladies every Tuesday
 Quran interpretation Daily after Isha Prayer
 Interpretation of Nahj-al-Balaqa every Saturday after Isha Prayer
 Training session for Quran recitation and reading every Saturday after Isha Prayer
 Specific Training courses for Ladies (English, Tailoring…)
 Library Services
 Software Services
 Treating Poor Families
 Care for Orphans
 Nursery
 Kindergarten
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