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Supreme Leader Meets with   ،   Judiciary Officials

In a meeting with judiciary officials, Ayatollah Khamenei the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed the need for cooperation among the three branches of government and added: "Today the bullying powers of the world have reached the conclusion that they should do everything in their power in order to deal a blow to the Islamic Republic, in order to harm the Islamic Republic."

His Eminence said that the current wave of Islamic Awakening in the world is because of the Islamic Republic's influence over public opinion in the world of Islam. He reiterated: "Every important scientific work you do, every social or political achievement you make, every great social movement that is started in the country including vibrant elections, every resistance that you put up against the bullying of the arrogant powers and is reflected in the world of Islam - each and every one of these great achievements are an incentive for nations to go after independence on the basis of Islam."

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed: "All the uproar that they have caused - in the case of human rights, in the case of nuclear energy and in other cases - is because they are determined to confront the Islamic Republic. They call themselves ‘the international community'. They are not the international community. They are just a few bullying powers. It is just America and a few other powers that follow America in different corners of the world."

Ayatollah Khamenei said the main goal of the sanctions that are imposed on Iran by the arrogant powers of the world is to frustrate the people of Iran and to create a rift between the people and government of Iran. "Of course, by Allah's grace, they will be defeated on this front as well. They do not know our people. They do not know our government officials."

He stressed: "This plot has been exposed to the people. The people know that the enemy's goal is to make them tired. For this reason, the people are more active in different arenas. And our government officials are also working. Our government officials are doing their best to confront the efforts of the enemy."

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that America is making comprehensive efforts to besiege the Islamic Republic, further adding: "It is they themselves who have been besieged. They are suffering from different problems. Today Europe and America are suffering from basic and insoluble problems. Their problems are truly insoluble. Their conditions are different from those of ours. Thankfully we have everything."

Ayatollah Khamenei said that Iran's government officials are trying their utmost to foil the plots of the enemy. "In such conditions, it is necessary and obligatory for all organizations of the country to join hands in order to counter these concerted efforts by the enemy."

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution called on the three branches of government to cooperate with each other and said that any divergence would harm the country. "Everybody must cooperate with each other. Everybody must help each other. The ___executive branch, the Majlis and judiciary are all on the same side. They are in the same camp: the camp of defending Islam, the camp of defending the honorable Iranian nation, the camp of defending national independence, the camp of defending the identity of the Revolution."

At the end of his statements, Ayatollah Khamenei said that Allah the Exalted will definitely help those who fight for a divine cause. "Allah the Exalted has promised this, and His promises are inviolable."


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