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Dhow Tour   ،   Entertainment and cultural Dhow Tour for ladies
Dhow Tour
In the Name Of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Report of the entertainment and cultural Dhow Tour for ladies section on the occasion of birth day of Fatima(s.a) and mother day.
The ladies section of the Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque planned for a special camp for mothers and ladies to celebrate the birth day and have rich cultural times together. Attendance of 300 of interested sisters in “Sultan” Dhow from 20:30 till 22:30 made a memorable night. The program started by saying “peace be upon to our prophet Mohammad and his immaculate, pure and chosen household”. Reciting primary verses of the “Hal Ata” chapter of Holly Qur’an respected by attendance and the expert host was reading nice poets describing highness and greatness of Fatima (s.a) and the “mother” position.
Six active members of Qur’an club of the mosque sang a very nice religious poet about Zahra Marzia (s.a).
The speaker talked about the wives responsibilities according to Islamic manner and their relaxation role in family and taking care of their husband and grow up the next generation as per Fatima (s.a)’s method.
The next program was draw among the numbers printed on the invitation cards and gifting 10 winners which made a fun atmosphere. Then there was eulogy which affected the audience.
The next program was the cultural competition which its questions were distributed while serving the refreshment at the beginning of the ceremony and 12 winners came out through a draw and gifted. The questions were about the Hadith related to Fatima (s.a) to make more information for her followers about the holly words of her.
The last was declaim about the valuable roles that God has put on women’s shoulder and needs to be thanked. Finally the dinner served and sisters enjoyed their time over the deck.

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