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Charity Festival   ،   New Year Charity Festival
بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم
Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque Charity Festival

When the New Year was narrating the going story of the old year, the Mosque staff decided to combine the coming of New Year and putting happiness in heart of faithful people by holding a Charity Festival and allocating the income of that for favor of Orphans to make a smile over their face due to sharing the happiness of faithful ones and be symbol of the holy Quran’s verse that says: “Share goodness and Virtue”
(" و تعاونوا علی البر و التقوی ")

The Charity Festival was held in holly space of the Mosque for two days on 26th and 27th of Esfand (15th  and 16th of March 2012) when the faithful people attending for Dua Komeil and Friday prayer of the last Friday of the year. The opening ceremony was glorious and mixed with crowded attendance of faithful people and was result of a group of sisters and brothers related to the Mosque which got the cooperation of the other groups presented their handicrafts to the visitors.

The active booth of the festival which attracted specific visitors were:
1. Flower and brunette
2. “Haft sin” (Seven different objects starts their name in Farsi with the “S”) which was “Haft sin” and red fish, dyed egg, …
3. Confectionary and variety of fruits presented in nice packages.
4. Cultural staff including Books, CD, New Year Calendar, Veil, Prayer Mat,…
5. Handicrafts, Diaphoretic art and Embroidery
6. Foodstuff including: Potage, Pickle, Jam, Honey…



Need to note that a full booth was designated for different products of the “Quran Nursery” kid’s handicrafts which were presented in a nice decoration to the sight of the visitors. In a very beautiful process, the parents bought their kid’s handicrafts to practically encourage their beloved kids and help the charity in other way.


The Charity Festival was short in time but left a very deep and nice memory in all attendants mind similar to spring buds and was herald of a Good and blessing New Year.
Allah may bless all the related ones of the festival with his special blesses and deserve them to be in his paradise.



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