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Celebration And Speech   ،   Birth Day of prophet PBUH and Fajr decade

Congratulations for auspicious birth day of our prophet Mohammad PBUH, birth day of Imam Sadeq AS, Unity week and Fajr decade of great Islamic revolution victory to all lovesick of prophet’s etymology and Ahl-al-bayt followers.
We invite you to attend the ceremonies to present our devotion to the holly great Sphere of our prophet and renew our pact to the blood of the Islam and revolution Martyrs.
Mosque’s programs for these occasions:
1-Speesch after Isha prayer, daily from Wednesday 8th February till Saturday 11th Feb 2012
2- Anthems by Iranian Huda group
3- Exclusive Girls and Boy college students meeting on Saturday 11th Feb at Iranian Club – Dubai after Asr prayer by present of Hojat-al-Islam Rashed Yazdi
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