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Arbaeen & Last Decade of Safar   ،   Last Decade Mourning Cermonies
Mourning Ceremonies
Last decade of Safar month, on the occasion of the Arbaeen of Imam Hussein AS and Pass away anniversary of our prophet Mohammad PBUH and Imam Hassan AS and Imam Redha AS there were mourning ceremonies in Imam Hussein AS mosque attending all lovers of Ahl-al-bayt and prayers like first decade of Muharram month.
Speech was conducted by Hojat Al IslamRajaee Khorasani and
Eulogist was Haj Hassan Baqeri famous Ah-al-Beit AS Eulogist. Supreme leader’s representative appreciates all individual’s attendance in those ceremonies.
On Arbaeen the ceremony started at 11am by reciting the Ziarat-e-Arbaeen and continued by speech of Hojat Al IslamRajaee Khorasani and completed by noon prayer similar to Ashoora’s noon prayer crowded by prayers and after lunch the ceremony ended.
On 28th of Safar month also the Mourning ceremony started one hour before noon prayer by Ziarat-e-Rasoul and Baqe’e lmam’s Ziarat and continued by eulogy and speech and finished after lunch.
Public Relation of Imam Hussein AS Mosque


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