In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

…, the mosque whose foundation was laid from the first day on piety is more worthy that you stand therein (to pray). In it are men who love to clean and to purify themselves. And Allah loves those who make themselves clean and pure… (Taubah-108)

Imam Hussein (a.s)mosque as the only Iranian shiaa mosque, in U.A.E, was constructed on 1363 and located in front of the Iranian hospital in Jumeira, Al Wasl road by the help of Islamic Republic of Iran Red crescent and Shiaa alms deed residence of U.A.E, and consistency of Hojat Ul Islam Borghaei, representative of Imam Khomeini(r.a) and after that throughout the years and consistency of Supreme leader (Ayatollah al udhma Khamenei)’s representatives in U.A.E completed and developed. The overall area of the mosque’s building including the main hall ( four sections), administrative department , the library, cultural section display, educational institute, kindergarten, kitchen, bathrooms,…etc is 2500 sqm.
Following Hojat Ul Islam Borghaei, Hojjat Ul Islam Marvi Hakim, Akbarian, Shahcheraghi as the Supreme leader’s representative in U.A.E till 2009, were praying congressional and the Friday prayers in Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque.
On the march of 2009, the supreme leader designated Hojat ul Islam seyyed Mahmud madani bajestani as his representative in u.a.e and as the Friday imam of Dubai till now.
In this spiritual place many cultural, religious and social activities are running under the supervision of the supreme leader’s representative.
These activities in brief are as following:

The main religious programs of the mosque which are running throughout   the year:
  • Holding the great religious-political Friday prayer, every Friday ( Arabic and Persian)
  • Performing the congressional prayer of morning, zuhur-asr, and maghrib-ishaa prayer.
  • Holding religious speeches, celebration and mourning ceremonies (for 150 days in the year) including Muharram, Safar, and Ramadan ceremonies.
  • Reciting Komeil’s Doa, Nodbeh and Tavassol
  • Reciting  a page of the holy Quran every night after the ishaa prayer
  • The interpretation of the Holy Quran every night after the ishaa prayer
  • Interpretation of the Holy Quran for ladies on Tuesdays
  • Nahj-ul-Balaqa interpretation and explanation every Saturday after ishaa prayer
  • Reading skill of Quran every Saturday after ishaa prayer
  • Specific ladies cultural activities including “Life skills” , “English and Arabic course” , “Religious orders”, “Tailoring”…etc
  • Virtual university and scientific-cultural activities for Islamic manner, History of Islam, Islamic ethics and Review and investigation of Vahabiat.
  • Kids and children cultural activities including books and software, holding different classes and camps for children.
Cultural and Media activities of the Mosque
Apart of regular religious activities of the mosque, the cultural – scientific approach has made this complex to be equipped by the latest technologies to publish media products to develop Islamic religion and culture. The followings are a brief of those activities:
  1. Library         
Mosque’s Library is one of the active departments which includes about 15,000 books title and fifty three various categories and holding a rich collection of the books which is ready to be used by different nationalities.
The books are in four different languages of Arabic, English, Urdo and Persian and organized in specific shelves. The library equipped with desks and PCs and free internet access.
The library timings are morning shift from 10 am to 14:30 pm and evening shift from 17:00pm to 21:00 pm.
  1. Publishing Nasim magazines
Cultural section of the mosque according to different demand of Islamic knowledge for age levels published “Nasim” magazines which has kids, teenage and adult versions.
  1. Kid’s affairs
This section started its activities recently in special cultural programs for children.
Quran and Islamic orders classes, forming chore groups and performing Tawashih on ceremonies running inside the mosque, performing Hadith and Quran Stories memorizing competitions are parts of this section’s activities.
The children who are acting in this section can utilize the special kid’s media and book library.
  1. Ladies Section
Due to wide range of involvement of ladies in programs of Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque and their interest to be involved in social-cultural activities, the ladies section of the Mosque, as per requirements of visitors and attendants plans specific ladies activities.
Setting up Qur’an reading, Religious orders, English, Arabic classes as well as complementary skill improving classes like Tailoring and Life style skills are of activities of ladies section.
Honored ladies as per their interesting and for developing Islamic Rituals are attending in all mosques’ programs. The successful Giving Festive in the form of charity sale is one the exemplary of ladies attendance.
  1. Virtual Training section:
The virtual training section held up the “Islamic Upbringing”, “History of Islam”
“Islamic ethics”, “Understanding and criticizing wahhabism”, “Islamic mysticism and Sufism false”, “Review and critique of Christianity and Wahhabism” classes and the students improved their knowledge by reading the text and media and passing through the cyber exams and get their certificates at the end of each courses. There are about 100 students acting in this section.
  1. F-Book and scientific media store:
This section is responsible to provide books and media’s in Jurisprudence, Hadith, History, Arabic Literature, and Dignitary subjects and translate the required text of the visitors. Interested visitors purchase their required cultural products by visiting this section.
  1. Software services:
One of the cultural services of the mosque is the start up of the Digital library which is interested by knowledge seekers. This library is passing its complementary steps. Besides presenting various religious software like Interpretation , Hadith ,History, Dignitary, Jurisprudence fundamentals
  1. Qur’an and Etrat School:
The cultural section of the Mosque, is setting up Saturday classes for Qur’an, Dogma, Sentences, History and Extracurricular classes like calligraphic, painting, first aid, family rituals, … specially for students of different grades and those they are busy studying in non Iranian schools and deprived of religious education to attend these classes and learn the necessary religious commandments and Qur’an reciting and get the divine teachings.
Attending Duhr and Asr congressional prayer, ethic course after prayer, serving lunch and sending them to different camps are also part of the programs that planned for these students.
     I.   Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque’s Website:
The wide range of the mosque’s website activities, make it like a holly pulpit that propagates the holly aspiration of the ceremonies and speeches of the great religious base of the Mosque. Holding the huge responsibility of informing and reflecting the future programs and past events makes the website to enable the interesting people to browse the website and find whatever they need there.
The essential needs like prayer timings, Qibla direction, religious events, ceremonies that are already planned or running, prayers and relevant Doa, Religious commandments, Question and answers, soft copy of Nasim magazine, Digital library, news about different mosque’s activities like kindergarten, nursery, supporting poor, supporting orphan,.. And plenty of other services and information will be offered to those clicking in the website of mosque.
Also the visitors of the website can ask their religious questions and commandments and receive their answers by the expert religious counselors.
The website of the mosque has 3 different languages to serve variety of the nationalities which clicking on the website.
The Social Activities of the Imam Hussein (a.s) mosque
Beside the religious and cultural activities, we haven’t forgotten the social affairs of the mosque’s visitors and the Mosque does his best to service to the faithful people on their important affairs.
Some of the social activities in brief are as followings:
  1. Qur’an Nursery School of Roqayya (s.a)
Roqayya (s.a) Nursery School accepts kids aging 3-6 years old and beside keeping physically the kids , has the opportunity of  teaching them the pure instructions of the Islamic orders and construct their ready to teach minds by that and satisfy the parents which due to their limitation of the daily activities keeping their beloved kids there in the Nursery.
  1. Ali Asghar (a.s) Nursery
Ali Asghar (a.s) Nursery accepts infants and kids aging 4 month to 3 years old and the specialist instructors do their best to prepare the interesting atmosphere to attract the kids to their new space and utilizing the technical methods to transfer the Moral and religious concepts to them.
  1. Al Qadeer Charity
This section as almoner mean, receives the donation amounts, recognizes the needy families, filing their documents and holds the responsibility of protecting them.
  1. Orphans supervision
This section recognizes the orphans and receives the charities in a manner that each donator will pay the monthly expenses of one or more orphans and manages the orphan affairs in a systematic way to protect them. The charity amounts will be recorded and can be easily reviewed by donators. Need to mention that there will be no face to face connection to keep the act sincerely. This section is connected to Imam Khomeini (r.a) Assisting Committee in Iran and most of the orphans are Iranian ones.
The donator will receive the receipt for the paid money.
  1. Kowthar zero interest loan foundation
This foundation in emergency situations for people as per investigation team’s report will introduce the loan applicants to the acting bank. The Bank after processing the official acts and receiving proper security documents will pay the loan amount. The Foundation belongs to the mosque and the acting Bank is only the intermediate.
  1. Legal issues Consultancy
To develop the consultancy capacity which is a public compulsory need, Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque has pay attention on that and invited specialists in legal advice, religion and belief, education and family affairs. The interested ones to use these consultancies may contact the mosque office to book a session and use the services free of charges.
Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque’s office
The office of the mosque, acts as the heart of the mosques activities. The religious affairs like wedding formalities, knowledge and recognizing the Halal and Haram in business, finding solutions for daily life’s tight problems by consultancy of the specialists residing there in the office, and performing duties as per Islamic instructions to gain the last day’s benefits are some of these occurrences that happening in the mosques office daily.
The holy space of the mosque welcomes to those seeking world and hereafter’s prosperity in following the religious instructions.
The office performs in two separate working shifts, morning from 10 to 14pm and afternoon from 17 to 21pm to service the visitors and meeting the supreme leader’s representative in UAE for each and every ones.   
We are inviting individuals to click on the Mosque’s website and get information about the running programs for events and attend accordingly and get benefit of congressional prayers, Friday prayers and other holy events and being in the group of other Ahl-al-Bait lovers and polish their heart by the grace of being inside the Allah’s mosque.
To get information about the mosque programs you may contact directly the office or registering in SMS informing service to get the latest news about the mosque’s programs.
P.O. Box: 23064 Dubai, UAE
Supreme leader’s representative in UAE
Imam Hussein (a.s) Mosque - Dubai

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