Imam Hussein mosque in a glance
Imam Hussein mosque is built up on 1984 on the land with the area of 6000 Square meter, next to Iranian Hospital located in Jumeira area, Alvasl Street. It constructed with the help of Iranian Red Crescent &UAE resident Shia Samaritan and following up by Hojjatol Islam Borgheie , Imam Khomeini ‘s time representative . And it completed & spread in the next years by the representatives ofsupreme leader following up. The area of the mosque building is 2500 square meter which contains Four interior halls, office section, library, cultural product promotion area, Institute, nursery, guest-house, two flats, kitchen, bathroom and etc.
After Hojjatol Islam Borgheie,Hojjatol Islam Marvii Hakim,Hojjatol Islam Akbarian and Hojjatol Islam Shahcheraghi were the representatives of the leader who set up Daily & Friday prayers till 2009.
On March 2010, Supreme leader nominated Hojjatol Islam val Moslemin Seyyed Mahmoud Madani Bajestani as his representative in UAE, the Imam of the congregational of Dubai and he is taking care of this responsibility till now.

With the management of representative of supreme leader, variety of religious, cultural & social activity held In Imam Hussein Mosque and you can reference to the different part of the mosque and accustom with them.


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